Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Privacy Policy:

Canadavichpanjabi.com will notify you when it is gathering by and by identifiable data about you, and the utilization or utilization canadavichpanjabi.com expects to make with such data. For instance, we may need to gather data to react to your solicitations for data, regarding content passage shapes or potentially advancements, or to permit you to send or post messages.

IP Addresses: We collect IP address of users those who are visited our website.

Utilization of Cookies: When you see our site, we may store some data on your PC. This data will be as a “Treat” or comparable record and will help us from multiple points of view. For instance, Cookies permit us to tailor a site to better match your interests and inclinations. With most Internet Browsers, you can delete Cookies from your PC hard drive, obstruct all Cookies, or get a notice before a Cookie is put away. It would be ideal if you allude to your Browser guidelines or help screen to take in more about these capacities.

Actually Identifiable Information:  Actually identifiable data about our visitors is gathered just when intentionally and willfully put together by those guests. Canadavichpanjabi.com uses such data just for the reason for which it was is submitted, unless we unveil different utilization at the season of accumulation. Canadavichpanjabi.com does not offer individual data to outsiders. We may utilize such by and by identifiable data in the total (non-identifiable) shape to improve our site and more receptive to the requirements of our visitors.

Remarks and Submissions: Ought to any guest to Canadavichpanjabi.com . site give data, questions, remarks, proposals, thoughts or any material through the criticism systems situated in the site, Canadavichpanjabi.com should have no commitment of any sort as for such data and might be allowed to repeat, utilize, unveil and circulate the data to others without constraint.